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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to ace Physics and Maths properly

Hello world?

Basically you don't need big eyeglasses, neither being a nerd, nor Asian to ace Math and Physics. Yes, it is possible to ace them, yet still being a cool guy (girl). Just imagine how it feels like, umm, girls waiting in line for you to help doing their homework problems!

Yes, I'm Asian. And (I think) I'm a nerd. I have actual girls (but not many) asking me to `teach' them Physics or Maths, in my real life. When I was graduated from my secondary school, I was voted to be `high quality single' (it's `High Quality Jomblo' in Indonesian. Well, I don't have a girlfriend, and currently don't want one). But I don't think I'm the smartest nor of the best quality. And I think there always a person that's more successful than me in Physics and Maths and in girls (guys)... and s/he can be you!

Contrary to popular belief, you might be more successful at taking these steps if you're already a cool guy (girl), rather than being a nerd.. If you think you're a nerd, just skip to Step two. And if you think you're cool enough, you can skip steps two and three.

Step zero: If you can't do that, study harder, even harder! You cannot be smart if you don't actually learn. Don't ever try to remember any formula if you don't know the reasoning behind them. Simply learning the reasoning really can help the understanding of the formulas, thus you can have easier time before the exam, and you can actually store formulas in your brain and recall them years after, by simply understanding the reasoning behind it. Oh, if you're dealing with definitions, it's best to memorize it, but try to answer "Why is it defined that way? Why not this way?"

"In physics and math, learning by asking `why' is much better than learning by asking `what'."

Learn algebra, if you can't do that properly. This is very crucial.

In maths and physics, the concepts are beautifully interconnected. Pay attention to the classes, and spend a night `playing around' with math and/or physics, and hopefully you will understand it better and better. It's not really as hard as it sounds... And it really works for many students!

"Why W = mg? Hmm. This page states that W is the weight force. What is force, mathematically? F=... erm... F = ma. Ah! I remember my teacher said that all objects in a free fall are accelerating at some acceleration, and it's called g. And the force that drives the object to fall is the weight, then it's reasonable to have W = mg!"

Step one: Do you think Step Zero is too lengthy to be practiced in a month? Then stay ahead of the crowd! Many nerds learn something well before the actual lesson in the school. Nerds browse the Internet for the differentials, Laplace transforms, or multivariable calculus, months before the actual lesson. Fortunately, you don't have to be a nerd to do that! Learning Physics or Maths in your spare time is really fun if you can appreciate it.

It's important to do Steps zero and one, before taking the step two. Steps zero and one hopefully shapes you to be `smart'. Do we lose our `coolness' if we're smart? Fortunately, the answer is no, if you take these following steps.

Step two: Learning how to solve 100x100x100 Rubik's Cube, or memorizing the Pi to the zillions of digits don't help you to be smart, although they may help you to look smart. But, if you want to get a girlfriend (boyfriend) easily enough, just don't look smart! Look cool as usual. Just be yourself. Don't talk mathematical or physical jargons in daily conversations.

Step three: Be helpful. Offer help to someone who can't. Don't forget to smile! And (hopefully) this will attract girls (guys) too.

Hope that helps! In the spirit of freedom, feel free to improve, and redistribute your own versions!

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