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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Linux (vs Windows)

Hello world,

I have just installed Linux on my laptop. My reasons are:
  • I'm bored with Windows
  • I'm bored with Windows
  • I'm bored with Windows
  • for(int i=0; i<57; i++) printf("I'm bored with Windows\n");
  • I heard that it is good and legally free. It is better to get free softwares (and OSes) than pirated ones.
My friends said, "Why Linux? Why not Windows?"

I always answer that kind of question with "I'm bored with Windows"

Yeah, I have read informations about Linux. Linux fans said that it is nicely customizable, flexible, and reliable. Meanwhile, Microsoft's pointed out (in 'Get the Facts') that Linux is insecure, difficult to use, and lacking 24/7 support. I disagreed.

Actually, I have used Linux for 3 years, (but not on my own computer). Until this minute, I do not have any feeling of preference of Linux over Windows or Windows over Linux, but I disagree with Microsoft's anti-Linux propaganda. I still like them both. They excel in different kinds of tasks. Windows is good for starters, and Linux is good for experienced users, because Linux is faster but slightly difficult to configure (It requires the user to learn the command line interface). But Windows is slower, and consumes more power, but more software compatibility.

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