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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

EoY 2010

Hello World!!

We're approaching the end of year 2010! I'm happy because I:
  • have my holiday here, in Bogor, my hometown. It is colder than Serpong, town of my school 60 km (SI: 6 . 103 m; imp: 35 mi.) away. It rains almost everyday in December! To me, it feels like going to Mt. Pangrango because Serpong feels like it's much hotter than Bogor.

    Average max temperature: Serpong: 32 °C (90° F, 305 K); Bogor: 25 °C (77 °F, 298 K)

  • moved my house (well, actually it's my father's) to Yasmin. It's a hilly, green, and cool place located north of Bogor city. Previously I lived in Ciwaringin, moderately hot and dense place in Central Bogor. Thank God!

  • re-learned and remembered how to hack simple applications by disassembling and debugging executables, and then manipulating its memory data. I managed to crack Minesweeper to make the mines gather in the top on the board. (I primarily use OllyDbg 2.01a)

  • celebrated Christmas in my church. I sat in the main hall, on the frontmost row of seat! It's (relatively) hard to get such seats in Christmas. I had to wake up early in the morning.

  • tasted bitter hot chocolate drink. I like it.

  • have been using Dvorak keyboard layout for one year.

  • have been liking my crush for 2 years.