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Friday, May 14, 2010


Hello world

Most of the computer users know this little time-waster. It is one of the most successful games on the Earth. But most of my friend cannot solve the board. The rules are simple: click on any square to uncover it, but if you uncover a mine, you're dead and have to restart the game from the beginning.

Most of my friends don't know what the numbers mean. The numbers indicates how many mines are surrounding the square. It sounds as simple as pie, but you have to use your logical reasoning ability to analyze the number patterns and know where the mines are, and which square is safe to click.

I use Minesweeper Clone 2007. It have many features that help me to become a better mine-sweeper. I use the Win9x skin because it reminds me of my childhood... my father often play the game with me sitting on his lap. I love the colorful, small numbers..

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