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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello World,

I just learned how to use LaTeX. LaTeX is a markup language used for typesetting with TeX. Its major features consist of macros, mathematical formulas, and automatic typesetting. The automatic typesetting (of course) makes it easier to create lengthy reports, books, papers, etc. For example, if one wants to create a table of contents, simply type \tableofcontents and TeX will add a complete table of contents.

Headache formulas, fuzzy equations can be easily added into and displayed in the document, easier than any ordinary word processors.

References (see Section x.xx) are more flexible. If we add some sections before the section we refer (thus changing the section number), we won't need to change the reference to that section. LaTeX will do it automatically.

I'm still using a text editor to edit LaTeX files, rather than WYSIWYG or WYSIWYW (wysiwy want) editor. So I have to type a lot...

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