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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

History of Internet in Indonesia

Translated from Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

History of Internet in Indonesia begins in the early 1990s. At that time, Internet networks in Indonesia were known as "paguyuban network", where the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance feels very warm among the users. It is somewhat different with Internet in its further development, which feels more commercial and individual in some of its activities, particularly in the activities which involve e-commerce.

Since 1988, there had been Internet users in Indonesia that utilize the British CIX and US Compuserve to access the Internet.

Based on the whois notes from ARIN and APNIC, the first Internet protocol that came from Indonesia is UI-NETLAB (, registered by University of Indonesia on 24 June 1988. RMS Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Firman Siregar, Adi Indrayanto, and Onno W. Purbo are some of the legendary names in the beginning of Internet development in Indonesia, 1992-1994. Each of them had contributed their competencies and dedication in writing Indonesia's computer network history.

Texts about existence of networks in Indonesia could be seen in some of the newspaper articles, such as KOMPAS article, entitled "Jaringan komputer biaya murah menggunakan radio" (Inexpensive computer network that uses radio technology) in the end of the year 1990. Also some short articles in Bandung Institute of Technology's Majalah Elektron (Electron Magazine) year 1989.

Around 1994, IndoNet, Indonesia's first commercial ISP, started to operate. At that time, POSTEL had not known Internet business gaps, and very few Internet users in Indonesia. Connection to Internet was done by dial-up modems by IndoNet, (a reckless step, maybe.) IndoNet was located in Rawamangun in University of Indonesia's lecturer complex, because Sanjaya's (leader of IndoNet) father was a University of Indonesia lecturer. IndoNet initially could be accessed with shell account with text mode, Lynx browser, and e-mail client Pine on AIX server.

Since 1995, some BBS's in Indonesia such as Clarissa have provided overseas Telnet access. By using Lynx remote browser, Internet users in Indonesia could access the HTTP.

The last development is e-commerce trending and public internet accessing (warnet/WARung interNET, literally means 'Internet shop' or 'Internet stall'), which supports Indonesian people to be more solid in the world of information.

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